27W Watershed Development Application – Revokable Conditions

The Watershed Development Application is a material document required to secure a building permit in the City of Lake Forest.  However, there are conditions which must be met in order for the permission granted by the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission to be valid.

The information presented to the LCSMC by the applicant must be true and without misrepresentation(s) or the permit may be revoked by the SMC.

The CLOMR-F was issued based on a design significantly different from the plans currently under consideration before the Building Review Board.  The Bleck Engineering letter of May 4, 2011 specifically cites these differences and points out the expiration date, as well.

27W Watershed Devlepment Application - Permit Revocation Conditions

27W Watershed Development Application LCSMC Glen Westman Conditional Approval

27W Glen Westman Email 9-11-09 Conditional Approval email

SMC Glen Westman; CLF Mike Glomski, Cmty Dvlp; Brian Joyce, Engineering


About Onwentsia Memorandum

I am a long time LF homeowner who has been witnessing an expansion of standing water each year getting deeper and wider. Each Spring, the next generation of ducks appear to raise their ducklings. But this year is different. Their habitat has been altered.
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