Bhalala Consultant’s Response to May 4, 2011 Bleck Engineer Letter

May 23, 2011            NO HARD COPY TO FOLLOW

As requested by the City of Lake Forest, the following comments provide an item by item response to the letter prepared by Bleck Engineering Company, Inc dated May 4, 2011 on behalf of James and Kathy Govas, 1 W. Onwentsia Road, Lake Forest regarding the proposed single family home of Rajul and Gopal Bhalala to be located at 27 Onwentsia Road.

1. SMC’s response dated May 6, 2011 has been provided to Lake Forest. (?)

2. The CLOMR-F was issued by FEMA to remove the original house from the floodplain because the home was on fill and elevated 2 feet above the floodplain.  This was done to eliminate the future need for flood insurance. The most recent home is also elevated 2 feet above the floodplain but by means of the foundation walls.   As flood waters are allowed to enter into the open area below the home, FEMA cannot remove the area or home from the floodplain.  Thus they will not grant a CLOMR-F because lowest adjacent grade is not above the Base Flood Elevation. Supplemental information has been provided to Ken Magnus and Brian Joyce.

3. We have retained the original wetland consultant to review the onsite wetlands near the stream. Should additional wetland permitting be required through the ACOE for the proposed storm sewer, the permit will be obtained.  Other onsite wetland areas have been mitigated through SMC.

4. We are providing a PDF copy of the grading plan as requested. Minor adjustments have been made to the grate elevations as the plans have progressed.  Excess storage has been provided above what is required.  However, the minor elevation changes will be made to the cut and fill calculations.

5. Both the 10-year floodplain line and the 100-year floodplain elevation lines are indicated on the property.  The area of flooding and the height of flooding was provided to the BRB at the first hearing.  However, we can provide the rear elevation of the home with a line on the foundation representing the 10-year and the 100-year base flood elevation on the 3-D animation is needed again.  The extent of the area flooding is shown on the NFIP maps.

6. The suggested recommendations from the staff and the staff comments under the Landscape Plan evaluation addresses this item. Much of the plant material is tolerant to occasional flooding. Some areas may require occasional reseeding.

7. The BFE for the site was agreed to at 659.4.  Revision of the MT-1 form is no longer applicable.

8. All stormwater from the east is routed through a positive drainage outlet either overland or through the stormwater management areas.  The properties to the east may want to consider regrading to the storm sewer in their rear yard.

9. Yes. The proposed driveway provides access to all areas of the property.

10. The grasses and forbs has a maximum height of 3-4 feet.  Some of the native vegetation may reach a height of 7 feet.

11. The location of the vents will be indicated on the final architectural plans. Any additional venting would also be indicated on those plans. This was previously discussed by the architect at the May BRB meeting.

12. Access to this storm sewer is along an easement that currently exists on the property. This is privately owned.

13. We do not feel any special requirements will be necessary for snow removal.

14. The staff and BRB have discussed the retaining wall materials on several occasions prior to the May meeting. We believe it to be designed per staff and Board recommendations.

15. A structural engineer’s seal will be provided for the retaining wall.

16. We are unaware of any log piles or stockpiled material in the floodway. However, it is the Owner’s intent to removal any debris, invasive tree species and general undesirable undergrowth on the property.

17. Any stockpiled material on the site will have been removed from the floodplain and be stored temporarily on site until it can be respread.  The remainder of the material will be used in the fill areas around the home.

Please advise if you feel additional information or explanation is needed.

Respectively submitted;

Bud Reed, PE, PLS

Encl: Engineering plans


About Onwentsia Memorandum

I am a long time LF homeowner who has been witnessing an expansion of standing water each year getting deeper and wider. Each Spring, the next generation of ducks appear to raise their ducklings. But this year is different. Their habitat has been altered.
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