Letter to City Council After July 18, 2011 Meeting

Dear Mr. Mayor and City Council Members,

Thank you for the invitation to send each of you the https://OnwentsiaMemorandum.wordpress.com link to our website.  Initially, the site was created for our neighbors concerned about the ever-increasing floodwaters threatening their homes.  You will find a petition signed by a dozen residents on the website submitted to the BRB after the April meeting.  Since then, an additional 110 adjacent and downstream homeowners became aware of the potential disaster this petition represents.  Nobody understands why this is even an issue.  When this petition was presented to the BRB last November, city staff stated when the petitioner purchased this parcel twenty years ago, the lot, as sub-divided, was considered buildable.  Environmental conditions have dramatically changed since then … as evidenced by the Spring Storm Outage agenda item.

I apologize for failing to acknowledge Team Lake Forest for their efforts to restore order – and power – to our community.  I  agree with the City Manager that Emergency Preparedness Day(s) would be a great idea.  When I lived in the Tampa Bay area I was grateful for the Emergency Preparedness Service Announcements and Tax-Free Supply Shopping Weekend before the June – November Hurricane Season.  Fortunately, I didn’t experience any hurricanes, but several tropical storms blowing through made a true believer out of me.

Here in Lake Forest, we had The Great Blizzard in February and three severe storms in as many weeks.  Is there really any reason to believe this trend isn’t going to continue? Which brings us back to 27W …

An appeal will be filed by the Haddad Law Firm officially challenging the recommendation authorizing the 27W Onwentsia for a building permit.  I appreciate the discussion among council members seeking outside engineering expertise regarding compensatory storage calculations, regulatory floodplain/floodway development and an array of zoning, or building code options to address similar problems before they get to this point.

Does anyone really think the standing water shown in the picture on the website will fit in the crawlspace?  Can this system really handle this much water and 40% more, as claimed?  In order for the petitioner to have his dream house, why does it have to risk becoming a nightmare for so many others?

Thank you for your consideration and attention to this problem.  We appreciate it.


Tom LeClair / Kerry Friedman

51 W. Onwentsia

312-718-4025 mobile


About Onwentsia Memorandum

I am a long time LF homeowner who has been witnessing an expansion of standing water each year getting deeper and wider. Each Spring, the next generation of ducks appear to raise their ducklings. But this year is different. Their habitat has been altered.
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One Response to Letter to City Council After July 18, 2011 Meeting

  1. Pat Friedman says:

    Tom writes a very good letter!
    I only have one comment…How bizarre that this man thinks building a house in the middle of a swamp with “Rube Goldberg plumbing”, with complicated access to the outside world, in a neighborhood where he has alienated his potential neighbors is going to be his “Dream House”????

    Pat Friedman
    (Kerry’s Mom)

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