27W 8/30/11 Engineering Review Meeting prior to 9/6/11 City Council BRB Appeal Meeting

From: Czerniak, Cathy [mailto:CzerniaC@cityoflakeforest.com]
Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2011 11:05 AM
To: Deborah Haddad ; Adam Kingsley (AKingsley@odonnell-lawfirm.com)
Subject: 27 W. Onwentsia – Engineering Review

Deborah and Adam,

The City has received a submittal of final engineering plans for 27 W. Onwentsia.  A copy of the full submittal has been made available to Bleck Engineering.

In an effort to continue the City’s due diligence on all engineering issues related to this property, we have scheduled an engineering issues review meeting for Tuesday, August 30th, at 9 a.m. at the City’s Municipal Services Facility, 800 Field Drive.  City engineering staff will attend and the project engineers for 27 W. Onwentsia have been invited as well as representatives from the County Stormwater Management Commission.  We would also welcome the attendance of representatives from Bleck Engineering.  The intent of this technical meeting is to allow all parties who have been involved in reviewing the technical issues on this property to be present, raise questions and challenges, and identify any outstanding or unanswered questions.

I am contacting you to ask whether your clients would be interested in having Bleck Engineering participate in this technical review meeting.

Thank you for your consideration and please let me know if you have any questions.


Catherine J. Czerniak

Director of Community Development

800 Field Drive

City of Lake Forest, IL  60045

847-810-3504  office

847-615-4383  fax



For information about the City of Lake Forest 24/7, please visit the Citizens’ Communication Center using the link provided below. 


About Onwentsia Memorandum

I am a long time LF homeowner who has been witnessing an expansion of standing water each year getting deeper and wider. Each Spring, the next generation of ducks appear to raise their ducklings. But this year is different. Their habitat has been altered.
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