51W Bucolic Backyard View as of May 2010 (pre-flood event)

This was the serene, idyllic and peaceful view from the rear patio overlooking the water garden. The background was the Delineated Isolated Wetland #1 – which provided an excellent privacy screen between 51W and our 1W neighbors to the east, who also enjoyed the completely wooded environment between our homes.
There’s no way the R-4 Zoned 27W Onwentsia lot-in-depth parcel could be developed based on the historical hydrology of the multiple wetlands located on the site; the 50′ setbacks from all property lines; and the reality of floodplain/floodway regulations which severely constrain the engineering possibilities given the unsuitability of the lot itself. Aside from all that … when Mother Nature demonstrates year in and year out that lowest point existing between Green Bay Road and Skokie Blvd (Route 41) will serve as the Onwentsia Gardens final buffer zone against flooding disasters … it doesn’t matter “how many different ways you can do the numbers” in order to get a permit ~ the water is going to show up and overwhelm whatever engineering marvel designed by man; especially when it’s been sold as a solution to historical storm water management problems impacting this area.
Sound familiar? Like the levies that were protecting farmland from the Mighty Mississippi which needed to be blown out by the Army Corps of Engineers. How’s all that working out?


About Onwentsia Memorandum

I am a long time LF homeowner who has been witnessing an expansion of standing water each year getting deeper and wider. Each Spring, the next generation of ducks appear to raise their ducklings. But this year is different. Their habitat has been altered.
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