In The Beginning …

In the commotion to get this site up and mailbox neighbor notices out, some of the links and categories are not working.  They are not being ignored – they are the “works-in-progress” mentioned in another post.  I’d link this post to it, but I don’t know where it is.

In any event, we hope the material you can view is worthwhile to you.  Although many readers are just learning about the 27W project for the first time, this has been going on since August 11, 2009.  The issues have been documented in emails, letters, FOIA requests, online research, pictures, videos and speaking up at the Building Review Board meetings – the best way to make sure your voice is heard – the more the better.

Organizing the volume of information about this 27W project for online consumption has a steep learning curve – which I’m still struggling to overcome.  If anyone “out there” is a cyber-savvy web-wrangler willing to pitch in and alleviate unnecessary suffering for the reader,  your help would be greatly appreciated.  I’m sure your neighbor(s) will certainly appreciate it – I know I will.  Until then, it’s getting there. Please be patient.

Comments and feedback would be very helpful.  Please don’t hesitate to offer comments, suggestions, and, by all means, contributions to help tell this story better.

The more people know about this issue, the better.  The next BRB is just around the corner.  Wednesday, August 3rd.  We sure could use your support by coming to the BRB and letting the Chairperson and Members know how you feel when the topic of more storm water run-off shows up at (or under) your door.  Now is the time to have your say.

What say you?


One Response to In The Beginning …

  1. Last night’s Building Review Board meeting was a miscarriage of justice. It was such politcal theater that it could be considered a blatant waste of everyone’s time. That was the conversation between Onwentsia residents as we left City Hall. It was so obviously fixed, it made people feel dirty. It seemed like something you would see in Chicago, not Lake Forest. If we wanted to feel like we needed to take a shower after a city board meeting, we wouldn’t live here.

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