27W Onwentsia Coyote Threat email to Neighbors (12-2-10)

27 W. Onwentsia Coyote Threat

Kerry Friedman <freedombabe@gmail.com> Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 4:34 PM

To: katgovas@aol.com, slgolan@golanchristie.com, strauss50@comcast.net

Dear Neighbor,

Prior to the Building Review Board meeting held November 3, the developer for the Bhalala project at 27 W. Onwentsia, using a Bobcat, “cleared brush” before staking out the elevations for the proposed house with yellow caution tape.

The attached photos (472 & 477) show the piles of uprooted trees and brush left on the northeast and southeast corners of the rear portion of the lot.

Floodway Debris image 472

Floodway Debris image 477  


Floodway Debris image 465

Floodway Debris image 457

The photo (496) shows two coyote who have taken up residence since the woodpiles were created.  The position of all these pictures is shown on 27 W Onwentsia Coyote attachment.

Pair of Coyote image 496














I called Cathy Czerniak to alert her to the coyote problem.  She will contact the Bhalala’s about removing the woodpiles hiding the small animals the coyote are drawn by.  I took this picture of the two coyote, located just beyond the yellow police tape where the cleared woods meet the grass.

My two English Setters were charged and chased all the way up to my backdoor on two separate occasions. I don’t let them out alone anymore, and I carry Mace when we go out. Before I used to see a coyote once in awhile.  Since these trees were piled up, now I see this pair for about two days, they leave for a day or two, then they’re back. These animals are obviously hungry and aggressive.  When they leave the natural protected direction is through Onwentsia Gardens or straight south to Butler Drive.

I know children play in a big field across the drainage ditch to the west and that there are a great many pet owners in the surrounding area.  I wanted everyone to be aware.

On a separate note, I realize this is a busy time of the year, however, if anyone would like to get together to consider various options,  I would be pleased to have you as my guests for coffee or drinks.


Kerry Friedman,  51 W. Onwentsia



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