27 West Onwentisia Proposed Development

Here is what’s going on at 27 West Onwentsia – and why you should care.

If your home or property is next to the Skokie River in South Lake Forest and regularly has standing water for three or more months out of the year before a storm event occurs … then you should be concerned about the proposed development and further destruction of the wetlands on the lot known as 27 West Onwentsia.

This website was created to help, tell, educate, share and ask for participation from homeowners in the immediate vicinity of 27 West Onwentsia Road.   There will be links to websites, governmental agencies and other resources.  You can see proposed Engineering and Landscape Plans, Maps, Floodplains/Floodways, Wetland Mitigation documents and much more.  Did you know that just because a lot has an Isolated Wetland or two, doesn’t mean it cannot be developed?  This project was watched every step of the way. Most of the site clearance took place without a permit issued for the work.

There are lots of pictures.  You can help by uploading more pictures, emails and other information you feel important to share.  Click here to see if you live on a vulnerable piece of property:

Impacted Homeowners by proposed 27W Development

We created this site for our neighbors who live next to the Skokie River flowing through South Lake Forest.  27W Onwentsia is on the south side of Onwentsia Road – directly across from Sequoia – on the east bank of the Skokie River.  Anyone living just north of Onwentsia; west on Poplar or Honeysuckle to the southwest; or Butler to the south is in the immediate flood zone.

The City Engineer, Ken Magnus, is also the certified Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance Enforcement Officer for the City.  The decision to issue final approval of the proposed plans rest on his department’s authority – solely.  That’s a lot of power for one person to wield.

We, the homeowners, most at-risk of getting flooded by the extra storm water runoff not accommodated by the existing isolated wetlands on the 27W Onwentsia lot, must come together and speak out against this proposed project.  The next Building Review Board meeting is Wednesday, July 6th, 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

This is a works-in-progress project.   There will be many changes taking place on this website – hopefully your contributions will be part of them.  Please let your neighbors know about this site and suggest sharing a ride to the BRB meetings.

We need your voice, your comments, your signature on this 27 W. Onwentsia Petition submitted before the BRB and your presence at future meetings which will decide the impact of this project on the surrounding area.

Please email a signed copy of the Petition to Cathy Czerniak, Director of Community Development.   czerniak@cityoflakeforest.com

See you at the next meeting …


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