27W email to Cathy Czerniak before Nov 3, 2010 BRB Meeting

27 W. Onwentsia & City of Lake Forest Building Review Board Meeting


In preparation for the Building Review Board meeting scheduled for Wednesday, November 3, would you please make sure these photos are entered into the record as I am unable to attend the meeting due to a previously scheduled out of town business engagement.

I am deeply concerned with the current plans submitted by the developer on behalf of Dr. Bhalala. It is my understanding the developer secured a CLOMR-F letter from FEMA based on the plans submitted with CLOMR-F Application back around December 2007.  (Bleck 70-777 27 Owentsia 05-04-11-1)

How could the developer receive a CLOMR-F letter with a set of plans being considered by the Building Review Board for the first time on November 3, 2010?

This is of great concern to me because this lot has flooded every Spring since I moved in 22 yrs ago and the flood gets deeper every year.

My neighbor to the east just built a large home and I don’t know what he did but I have a new water drainage issue. My east drive and side lawn are flooded on that side of the house quite severely and ice dams form in the winter.

Ice Dam Formed

I fear the proper care is not being taken regarding how new construction impacts existing residents.  I am aware that a subdivision is underway up stream toward the Harrison House.

The flooding last May was higher and wider than any time since I’ve lived here. The last rainstorm it exceeded my property line for the first time. I think if we don’t stop all this new construction my home will be in real jeopardy.

It’s simple physics, water seeks its own level.

With sincere concern,

Kerry Friedman

51 W Onwentsia Road


Begin forwarded message:

From: Kerry Friedman <freedombabe@gmail.com>

Date: May 13, 2010 11:20:51 AM CDT

To: gwestman@co.lake.il.us, czerniac@cityoflakeforest.com, Pat Bleck , magnusk@cityoflakeforest.com

Cc: ptiderman@kirk.house.gov

Subject: Flooding 27 W. Onwentsia Road Bhalala Proposed Build Site

27W May 13, 2010 Flooded to Lot Line Marker

As of 10:30 a.m. on May 13, 2010, these pictures define where the water level has receded several hours after the rain stopped.  The property marker is clearly visible in the foreground. As per every Spring, ducks returned to swim in their native Wetland pond.

Kerry Friedman

51 W. Onwentsia Road

Lake Forest, IL 60045


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