Letter to BRB Chairman Culbertson April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011

Chairman, Lake Forest Building Review Board

Re: Proposed Development for 27 W Onwentsia Road

Dear Mr. Culbertson,

I am a very concerned neighbor regarding the 27 W Onwentsia Proposed Project.  I live directly north of the project at 51 W.   I have information I believe to be pertinent.  Through a Freedom Of Information Act request submitted to the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, I learned that the data used to do the water run-off calculations was incorrect.  Aerial photography from 2007 was part of that determining evidence. Photography shows the 3W Onwentsia property, which is east of me, with a modestly sized Colonial house at about the same elevation as mine. (Attached are comparison aerial photos from 3W Onwentsia 10-2007, 3W Onwentsia 5-2008 and 3W Onwentsia 5-2010)

In the FOIA paperwork, the hydrology report data was collected in 2008, when that property was under construction. Presently, that property has a massive home sitting approximately 2.5 ft above the base flood elevation where the numbers were taken. The attached photo was taken before the sod was installed.


Steep Side Yard Grade

The 7′ fence on the property’s lot line is considerably lower than the house. I can’t give you a definitive elevation because like most everything in the 3 W. Onwentsia FOIA paperwork, it was checked off as “Passed with exception” during the final inspection.

I can tell you since the construction of 3 W Onwentsia, a significant amount of water that was never there before is now coming through on the eastern side of my property and flowing down to the lower flood plain ending in the 27 W Onwentsia Basin.

Ice Dam under asphalt driveway

formed in the winter now impacting my asphalt driveway.

Somehow, Lake Forest Building code(s) Section 9-87 C.4 and 9-87 D were not enforced when this house went up. Subsequently, stormwater run-off drainage is damaging my property.  Glenn Westman of the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission told me no hydrology runoff file existed for 3W and to check with the City engineering department. The FOIA yielded the attached “Swimming Pool Waiver of Site Grade Application” as stamped, received and logged as paid, but not signed by the city engineer.

The reason for this letter is to point out the process for determining the impact of hydrology runoff needs to be revisited. This should be done before FEMA gives the developer the first letter towards a CLOMR-F.  Just one small breakdown in responsibility at 3 W Onwentsia has led to some serious implications for me. Imagine the lives that could be affected if 27 W Onwentsia goes wrong. I am really concerned this could be water in people’s homes, not just their yards.



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